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Texas Defensive Driving Online

Virtual Drive has teamed up with Texas Defensive Driving Online, the best Texas Defensive Driving School Online Program, to offer a State approved online course that will help you get your traffic ticket dismissed fast. The course includes:

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  • TDLR/DPS Approved Course
  • Video based course
  • 100% online
  • Fast certificate shipping
  • Order your driving record (optional)

Defensive Driving CourseTexas Defensive Driving Course

There’s nothing fun about getting a speeding or moving violation ticket, yet it can happen to the best of us at any time. Even if we’re trying to obey the law, sometimes a road sign can be easily missed with all the distractions on the road.

Regardless of how it happened, now is the time to look at your options and determine the best course of action. It’s not an option to ignore it, unless you want an arrest warrant and double or triple the fines.

Take care of your ticket as quickly as possible through our Texas defensive driving class, so you can move on with other important things in life.

Texas Approved Defensive Driving Course

Taking your defensive driving course online is affordable, easy and hassle free. Have thirty minutes of free time during lunch at work? Login to the course and work on it during that time. You can log in and out of the course on your own available time and complete it in small segments so that it isn’t such a huge burden on your lifestyle. Our online defensive driving course is only six hours and you can complete it at your own pace. Thirty minutes at lunch, another thirty minutes at night after you tuck the kids in for bed and before you know it, you’ll have the course completed with as little hassle as possible and ultimately save money in the long run.

In Texas, you can take an approved defensive driving course online once per year for the purposes of dismissing a traffic ticket. Always check with the court first! On the back of your speeding ticket, there will be a phone number for the county court issuing the citation. A quick phone call to that number and ask the court clerk if you can take a defensive driving course to dismiss the ticket. Some Judges will allow the court clerk to make that determination and others may require that you have to come into court and see the Judge to make the request to take a defensive driving course. The court clerk will let you know for sure.

  • Our six hour approved Defensive Driving online course is interactive, fun. You’re guaranteed to pass.
  • No hassle with driving across town after work, or spending an entire Saturday taking the course.
  • Complete the course in your own free time, at lunch or during a break, or in the evening after work.
  • Fast certificate shipping so your court clerk can get your ticket dismissed ASAP!
    $25 for our online defensive driving class is a lot less than the traffic ticket fine you will pay.
  • Let us help you take care of this, you have more important things to worry about.